always put quality first, strive to create first-class products and services, and achieve higher, faster and stronger pursuit." Hangzhou ShangXu plastic products Co., Ltd. is located in Lin’an City, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The company adheres to the new technology, high pursuit and new environmental protection materials to make food plastic packaging cans. The products meet the national food hygiene standards. Cans can provide sealed and quality guarantee conditions for all kinds of dried fruits, preserves, tea, candy, liquid, etc., and improve the quality of food and beverage for people’s life and food factory, and bring convenience for use. Various tank sizes, products can be customized according to customer requirements.


On the concept of qualified personnel

Know people well, attach importance to talents, create cause together and share value

ShangXu's management philosophy

Responsibility is the foundation of an enterprise, and system is the cornerstone of an enterprise.

Talent is the foundation of development and innovation is the foundation of management.

On the concept of qualified personnel

Service is the reason for objective existence, and service is the realization of its own value.

ShangXu enterprise values

Grow together with employees and contribute to the society and customers

Perfect system
perfect personality
perfect benefit

Code of conduct for ShangXu Enterprises
Quality concept

Always put quality in the first place, strive to create first-class products and services, to achieve higher, faster, stronger pursuit.