Safety and transparency of PET plastic cans for food storage

2015-06-03 14:38
&I believe that every partner’s wechat circle of friends has been bombarded by micro marketing. I can see that the circle of friends is sending a lot of food, dry goods, fruits and fruits. But did the kids notice that basically all these snacks, melon seeds and pecans are stored in a kind of plastic pop can called pet.
&PET plastic can is different from the traditional metal can. It is more light and easy to carry, which brings convenience to the whole transportation process, and the packaging is not easy to deform. This is a great advantage. Another major feature of PET plastic can is its transparent appearance. When consumers buy products, they can see the food inside the cans directly from the outside, forming a strong visual impact, which is more safe and reassuring. It’s OK to store candy, chips, squid shreds and pine nuts in PET plastic pop-up cans, and you can rest assured of the preservation of food.
&For packaging, pet plastic pop-up can, select not to select, click < A=“ There are more plastic products in Hangzhou.