How to choose PET bottle manufacturer

Can form of plastic bottles, pet based material, we call it PET plastic cans.. PET plastic can has many advantages. First of all, pet plastic can is light in weight, much lighter than many glass cans, and it is not easy to break, so it is very conveni



杭州塑料易拉罐帶你了解內部的構造 Hangzhou plastic pop can takes you to unde

The cover of the food can is made of plastic. The lid of the can is generally made of aluminum, and a pull ring is attached to the cover surface. Pay attention to the following points when using this traditional food can lid The edge of the opened alu



The small can is very designed

When you buy drinks in the supermarket, if you have both pop cans and glass bottles, which one do you prefer? Some young people will buy canned beer, sit on the side of the road to drink, and after drinking the cans, they can be used as ashtrays. Glas



What kind of rubbish does plastic box belong to

What kind of garbage does the plastic box belong to? Many partners are not very clear, the following will bring you a detailed introduction. Plastic boxes are recyclable waste. Recyclable waste refers to the wastes with market price suitable for recyc



Small plastic bottle, the life wonderful use enlarges the mo

There are many ways to use small plastic bottles against the weather. When you use the plastic bottles like this, it turns out that... Did you make them? 1. When the dishcloth is used up, it’s drenched. I don’t know where to put it. You might as w



DIY ashtray with pop can

To teach you a trick to transform a can into an ashtray.



What is PTA? What is its purpose?

PTA is called purified terephthalic acid, also known as PTA; 1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid; p-phthalic acid, p-phthalic acid; turpentine phthalic acid; pure p-phthalic acid; p-benzoic acid; p-benzoic acid. PTA is one of the important bulk organic raw m



[refute the rumor] plastic bottles cause cancer?!

Plastic products are everywhere in our daily life. Many of our tons of happy water will be filled with plastic bottles. However, when surfing the Internet, we can often see the small spray of carcinogenic plastic bottles, @ passers-by: the words "1" a



Is the widespread application of plastic products accidental

Plastic products were born in the early 20th century, the first synthetic resin in human history was born, and industrial production was realized. From then on, the development of artificial synthetic resin and plastic processing industry began. The i



Differences between PP plastic bottle and PE plastic bottle

PE is milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with smooth and glossy appearance. It has excellent physical and mechanical functions in a wide temperature range. The long-term operation temperature can reach 120 ℃ and the electrical i